1. Bruce Lee

From the recording Home


Bruce Lee

I’m guessing that it’s over based upon the notion that I haven’t heard a word at all
And I’m starting to see that all that I believed was destined from the start to fall
I guess I should have known that one week in the summer was only that and
nothing more
But when you’re trying to forget it builds up your regrets and you feel it in your
deepest core
I know the old saying that I should be happy to have felt it than to not at all
So I think about the week I feel into my dream and the hurting takes a moment to
Does it get cold there?
I heard there’s no snow there
Do you feel bold there
All alone
I guess I’ll grow old here
Work on my soul here
Build my own home here
On my own
I feel it in my body like I did karate and I took a few hits from Bruce Lee
But I know that it will pass and I will make it back to being mostly me
Trying to believe in everything I see is like running through a giant brick wall
I put my head down and don’t make a sound If I push it I know it will fall