Album Time Capsule

Everything on our site is a reflection of who we are at this moment in time. 
Below details the history of our previous 5 albums and how we got to where we are right now,
tarting from... the start

The band may be small in terms of numbers with only two members, but Halifax rockers The Town Heroes are mighty in sound”

— Ken Kelly, Times and Transcript

Crafting hooky, classic indie rock songs with a huge sound that belies their minimalistic set-up.”

— Stephanie Johns, The Coast

Halifax’s The Town Heroes sound like a mix between Pinkerton-era Weezer and The Weakerthans. While that might not be the best description from a purely musical standpoint, I think it’s spot-on when taking into account their earnest vocal delivery, dynamic ranges, big-yet-understated choruses and (at first glance) haphazardly places falsettos. Plus, bonus points for guitars made out of duct tape.”

— Nash Bussieres, Ride the Tempo Blog

The first music video we ever released was for Slag Heaps. We did it with our young pal, and soon to be frequent collaborator, Dillon Garland. Bruce tortures the hell out of Mike in a small, colourful room. People asked us where we got all the weapons. They assumed we must have went on an epic quest to assemble such an arsenal. In fact, my cousin Liam just happened to have every single one of them lying around his house. 

We put out Birds and Fear on May 29th, 2010. It felt good to finally have our songs out into the world; to have a representation of who we were and what we believed in at that point in time. Lyrically, the album had a lot of themes about our home in Cape Breton. Since we don’t live there currently, our bio doesn’t say we’re a Cape Breton band anymore. But we are. Everything about that island is our home. Everything we know about life, music, and the world in general comes from our upbringing on that small island on the northern tip of Nova Scotia surrounded by the brooding Atlantic Ocean. We’ve always found inspiration and pride in our island. Our songs are about the longing to be home when we’re away, the joy and camaraderie experienced when we’re there, and the socioeconomic struggles of our fleeting population. Deep down at the root of our songs it’s there. Always. 

The album ended up taking us to Germany, the U.K., Finland and across Canada. We were the Nova Scotia Regional winners for the National Radio Star Song Writing competition, had Slag Heaps played during the World Hockey Championships in Finland, won “Best New Artist” in Halifax’s The Coast, and met a lot of amazing people along the way. 

Here’s our first ever video and press shots:

A few music Videos From The ALbum

Some Acoustic Music Videos