Stupid Videos

We've been making what we call "Stupid Videos" since we've started playing music. They're basically just dumb sketch comedy videos, often making fun of the idiosyncrasies and quirks of rural Canadians — especially those of the East Coast provinces. We've become known for these, so figured we might as well include a special section on our site.

In 2018, after Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir won the Gold Medal in pairs figure skating at the Olympics, we did a video that had an alternate commentary. Instead of the typically quiet and reserved demeanour, we went with an OVER THE TOP DRUNK UNCLE AT A HOCKEY GAME type commentary. The video received a million views in under 3 days before it was taken down by the International Olympic Committee for Copyright issues. Unfortunately, that video is not on here. But.... we have a PILE of others.

We post all our videos to our FACEBOOK page. Check us out there for all our vids, but here are some of our Favourites: