1. White Knuckled

From the recording Home


White Knuckled
I didn’t see it coming, no I didn’t see the day
That I found what I was looking for in every single way
Now you’re back in San Francisco, and my head is in the clouds
And I’m thinking ‘bout you every moment wishing you’re around
Tell me what it’s like there, does it snow or does it rain?
I’ve got a thousand things I’m feeling and half of them are pain
Another thousand different things that I would like to say to you
Half of them I shouldn’t mouth but all of them are true
Tell me can I reach you, can I call or can I write?
Can I tell you what it’s like here when summer loses light
And the waves start getting bigger and leaves are coming down
And there’s nothing but your thoughts in an empty dying town

When will you be back in my world?
I can’t go on alone
I wanna tell you everything, I wanna let you know
That I thought about you every moment, since you had to go
And I’m not a man of may words but I would memorize
The Oxford English Dictionary just to see your eyes
Deep inside my mind I’ve locked every memory
Feels like a lifetime of complimentary scenes
And I’ll hold on to them white knuckled so I know they’ll never leave
And dream about the time when you’re back in town with me
Winter’s getting closer, I can feel it in the air
And it’s not the place you’d recognize from the two weeks that you’re here
If I feel this way at Christmas I don’t know what I’ll do,
But I know it would be anything if that meant seeing you