1. Fuse

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In the days following the dance, the two are inseparable. He shows her around town, and the “secret” spots that only locals would know about. The new love is written all over their faces and, in their minds, will last forever.



Tell me what you wanna feel
I will give you more

Tell me where you wanna be
I will open doors

Where will we hide when the moon and the dark goes
No matter where where, it’ll be ‘cause the heart knows

Tell me what you wanna feel
I will show you all
That you ever wanted girl
This could never fall

We got all that we could ever need
Write it on our face and wear it on our sleeve

Everything is better with you here
Never gonna end and never gonna veer
And if it all gets heavy I promise that I’ll be
A rock when you need me, a boat in the sea

And when all the others are bending at the knees
I give you my word that you always got me

I will be a cannon ball
You can be the fuse

Light me with your fire now
Forever you’re my muse