1. 1999

From the recording Home


Have you heard the news I got Chi Chi to buy us booze
It’s gonna be a party like we’ve never seen before
Meet at “Robin Jones”, bring 10 bucks you’re good to go
We’ll head up to the Red Banks before we hit the dance
Oh Oh oh oh
Pretend you’re a pro, like Mickey Mantle good to go
Even though you’ve never had more than you get at church
Everyone you know is gonna be there, gonna show
You gotta prove to them that you’re worthy of their nods
Oh oh Oh OH
Put your hands up party like it’s 1999
Let it be the best thing that you’ve felt in the past while
Everything you’d ever want is right in front of you
Nothing gonna change you and nothing you can’t do
In ninety nine
Nineteen ninety nine
This will be the summer that you find the perfect lover
Cashing in your smile while your heart is making bank
Take a look around, soak it in and feel the sounds
You’ll wanna hold this memory when you’re old and looking back